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RTP co. (Ltd) is a knowledge base company that was established in 2007 by a number of academic elites along with experts with brilliant industrial background. Electronics, robotics and new emerging technologies are the main company activity headlines. We have started to develop PE and its related applications based on nanotechnology in Iran, Since 2011 and with the cooperation of the Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC).
RTP is proud to have experienced staffs in its R&D department which consider Unremitting efforts as their mission to improve the quality of production and offer new products for lifestyle and daily use of customers. We contemplate you not just as a customer but as a worthy companion in the growth and promotion of our products.

What is the NanoHeat

Have you ever thought about getting warm in a faster way with much less energy consumption and also smartly?! You can just warm the chair or furniture on which you are sitting instead of heating all the room. You can simply use a heated pad with desired pattern and shape instead of wasting energy through underfloor heating systems. In other words, you have “heat” with yourself anywhere in any form! Achieving this goal, a low-consumption thermal element with features such as flexibility and minimum thickness is needed which allows integration into designed structures. We in RTP co. have made this dream become true for our customers and for the first time in Iran with Using emerging technology that has led to removal of the wires in “NanoHeat” production line.

Our Vision

Energy consumption management is an important factor in the development of every country these days. Energy crisis due to shortage of fossil fuel sources and its environmental damage along with costly renewable and clean resource infrastructure, are the most critical challenges in the future of the global economy. Efficient management of energy consumption, especially in the heating sector would be the most inevitable issue for developing countries.
Knowledge base RTP Company, intends to establish its role as a leading company with its heated products line called “Nanoheat” in the near future, which has been made by nanomaterials and nano-enhanced technology.


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